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The following is a collection of essays, musings, and general thoughts on art making within a truly collectivized structure; it is meant to serve as a living manifesto (as in: a document encouraged to evolve with us) which aims to make visible the intangible connective tissue that unites us as the Shift 23 Media cooperative. We use the word manifesto both in the traditional sense of making obvious the beliefs of a group, but also to align with the verb “manifest”. When we manifest our aspirations, we bring about our desires as the marriage of our beliefs and actions into the physical world. 


The collection is part personal documentation, resource guide, and most importantly: gift. It is meant to encapsulate how we wish to be, how we would like to be received, and how we can make a wide ranging gesture of compassion to our present and future selves, as well as to any artist curious about what works best for us and how we choose to generate questions and solutions. Like all our work, it is an offer to be in conversation with us.

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