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Jack Dorfman


Jack Dorfman is a director, photographer, editor, & producer. He got his start making films at age 8 by taking his parents' home camcorder and accidentally taping over all their home movies. If you want to get on his good side, bring up musicals, Kieslowski, or the Talking Heads. If you want to get on his bad side, give him some ketchup. He has directed numerous music videos for artists such as Farid Audee, Marlena Rose, and Closegood. He’s directed and edited numerous short films that have gone on to be featured in Denver Film Festival, Cannes Short Film Festival, Katra Film Series, and more. He is currently directing a short film adaptation of the NY Times Critics' Pick play Stalking the Bogeyman.

Ayla Xuan Chi Sullivan


Ayla Sullivan is an extra ass binch, though they wish their literal ass was more extra. They are mainly interested in interdisciplinary arts, free & radical arts education, sweet snuggles, and hauntings. Hailing from Denver and the elite slums of suburban Aurora, Colorado; they are Denver’s Second Youth Poet Laureate and have been published in Suspect Press, OUTFRONT, and interviewed for Colorado Public Radio, Westword, and 303 Magazine. As a playwright, their plays We are the Wake, WHITEWASH, TRANS/ACTIONS (co-written with Woodzick), and pieces for The Non Binary Monologue Project have premiered in Boulder; meanwhile Last Stop and TesserACT: Dimensions of Gender premiered in Denver. They also have written and starred in D.A.M.E. and You, Me, and the FAFSA.

Farid Audee

Daniel Davila Jr.

Noah Gaynor

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Farid Audee is an up and coming producer, beat maker (yes they’re different) mix & mastering engineer, songwriter, top line genius, melody god, pop mastermind, industry insider wanna-be, and lasagna lover. Farid wants to solve the world’s problems with his music and crazy personality.

Marcus Raye Pérez


Daniel Davila Jr. is an actor and cinematographer, known for Passinger (2018), Cheer Up, Charlie (2019) and The Last O.G. (2018). A proud krumper, he is unafraid of the hustle and commits to working with and for extremely talented people. Daniel is in it for the culture. BFA-The Juilliard School. 

Destin Hernandez


Noah Gaynor got into telling stories by watching outdoor Shakespeare in rural Wisconsin at age 5. Originally from Evanston, Illinois this goofy guy can be seen in some film and television. Always down for a fun collab, he is interested in making cool things with cool people, making arts education cheaper and less traumatic, and uniquely— watching sports.

Delali Ayivor


Marcus Raye Pérez is an actor, writer, and educator originally from a small town in South Texas. He has an extensive history as a Speech and Debate competitor and coach, and has turned that skill into training employees at various corporations on communication skills when dealing with interpersonal com-munication. As an actor, he graduated from Mason Gross School Of The Arts with his MFA after having the chance to perform at Shakespeare’s Globe as the famous fat knight, Falstaff, in Henry IV on the Globe stage. Since then, he has continued to appear in commercial and television work, including HBO’s High Maintenance. During the pandemic, he began channeling his desire to bring more representation to the forefront of media by beginning his career as a writer. He was selected for the 2021 Almanac Screenwriter’s Episodic Fellowship Lab with his first pilot, and hopes to continue to generate his own work.


Destin Hernandez is a Half-Puerto Rican, Half-Dominican Cinematographer based in NYC. He is an adaptive and experimental Cameraman with a knack for naturalistic lighting while simultaneously blending his style with that of the director(s) he collaborates with. His passion for cinematography and lighting began with his hyper-attention toward the intricacies of light and shadow. He utilizes this talent to tell a variety of stories ranging from documentaries to music videos, and narrative films. He is known for his camera operating skills in the feature film Becky 2: Wrath of Becky and his gaffing work with DPs such as Mitch Arens, Zach Cooper, Cece Chan, and many more. Living life in the moment is most important to him. Don't be surprised if while talking with Destin he looks just past you at the shadow of a tree blowing in the wind or of a glint of light reflecting in the background. He promises he's listening ;)

Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 1.27.11 PM.png

Delali Ayivor is a Ghanaian-American writer. As a contemporary postcolonial subject, Ayivor creates from the locus of disjuncture, writing through the complexifying tangles of our increasingly globalized world. Ayivor is a 2011 U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts, a 2020 and 2021 Tin House Summer Workshop Scholar, a former associate artist-in-residence with experimental sound poet Tracie Morris at Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and an attendee of the 2019 Tin House Winter Workshop—with author Hanif Abdurraqib—in Newport, Oregon. In Spring 2019 she was named the inaugural writer-in-residence at the STONELEAF Retreat in Kingston, New York. She has moderated discussion at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, New York as part of their Works & Process series and delivered a closing keynote speech at Americans for the Arts’ 2014 Annual Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. Her work has been published most recently online by The Rumpus and CovenBerlin. She is currently a dual Masters candidate in Library, Information and Archival Sciences at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.



Dee Jimenez


I am an athlete of affect. A mime who has declared holy war on pantomimes. I have tied Marcel Marceau's body to my chariot and drag it around the city gates of Hollywood. I want a feast. I want a bean feast. I have fist-fought the devil and won (left). I have fought with the mind of Faust, the soul of Joan of Arc, and the heart of Don Juan. Now I'm hungry. I'm hungry for Cezanne's apples. I'm hungry for Muqi's persimmons. Someday I will eat the world. It's in the whites of my eyes.

Cassi Guerra


Cassi grew up in Denver, Colorado and she won’t need a kids’ menu, thanks. She recently graduated with a BFA in film production from CU Boulder, where she focused (and continues to focus) much of her work on examining femininity through the lens of horror. Her other passions include cats, denim, and blankets.

BFA: University of Colorado Boulder.

Madi Lyn


Madi is a practical filmmaking enthusiast with a flare for the macabre. She loves to create visual effects from found objects, especially of the edible variety. Her inspirations lie in the distinctly bizarre, citing the likes of David Lynch, Michel Gondry, and Noel Fielding.

BFA: University of Colorado Boulder.

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