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We (Jack Dorfman and Ayla Sullivan) knew we wanted to continue working together after graduating from CU Boulder, and the best way to do that was through the formation of the company. We self-produced original short films, theater, music, and are working on our first television series. The goal was always to combine the creation of our art with an educational foundation, which we do by providing tutorials through our social media, and eventually expanding into infrastructure with full-fledged classes and instruction. We intend to redefine the notion of expensive and elitist ‘art schools,’ by making art the most accessible form of education.



We surround ourselves with dedicated artists committed to ethical production, where passion is valued and our labour is our own. We believe in working with artists who inspire us and are inspired with us in order to actively engage a community of storytellers who are rising up together—rather than fighting for the top. By stimulating collaboration from everyone involved, we are able to create passion-fueled projects at a fraction of the cost of bigger-name productions. We are all comparatively young to be doing this work, yet we look at that as an advantage. We have the ability to connect with younger audiences because we are younger creators, our problems are the same as theirs. At the same time, by making education an instrumental part of our system, we aim to encourage the creation of much more art to shape the world.


We’re going to be the first theatrical franchise across the country, built on ethical practice, free and accessible arts education and interdisciplinary media created by company members by dedicating ourselves to serving the communities in which we are creating work. Through the integration of diverse genders, races, and backgrounds both in our team and our work, we aim to make the art world a much more inclusive and welcoming place. By utilizing sustainable sets and environmentally conscious production, we hope to do our part in creating a world where art is possible. Our goal is to not just create our own work, but foster the next generation of artists through education and outreach.

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